Instructions upload photos

Acceptance of photos for the competition is closed.



Carefully read the mechanism for uploading works to the competition website (see below)

Attention, if you forgot your password, read the instructions below:

If you have forgotten your password and you are unable to recover it, please write to us from the e-mail address you registered with, apply to the following email:

If you have any problems with registration or site operation:

Please email us immediately:

Member status

The section "PARTICIPANTS" publishes a list of users registered on the site and having posted at least one photo for the competition. The column "Photo acceptance status" displays the ability to upload (or change) photos for the competition. Before voting Administratively, we change these statuses to the status "Fixed". After this status, it will no longer be possible to change the number and content of your frames. If you are sure that your set of frames is final and you will not change it, you can at any time ask the administration (by email) to fix your set of frames.

The mechanism for uploading works to the competition site is simple and does not require special skills.

1. You must register by filling in all required fields.

2. Download photos.

Important! The name of the file is specified before uploading photos.

3. In the column "status" should appear your name. This completes the download. We remind you that participation is free of charge and you do not have to try to make a payment, ignore these fields. You are already in the contest!

4. If you have not found your name in the status column, you need to contact the organizer by email

5. After checking the moderator in the column "note" will mark "Yes". From this moment, the possibility of changing the downloaded material stops. If necessary, you can to contact the organizer via email

6. To re-enter to your account, your login is your email.

Thanks & Good Luck!