Acceptance of photos for the competition is closed.


A professional or amateur photographer who accepts the contest rules can participate. Since 2020, an additional section "Video" is being introduced.


Deadline 05 September


Photo maximum of 4 images per section

A. Free theme – color digital images.

B. Free theme – black/white digital images.

C. Nature-landscapes, color, and black/white digital images.

D. Wildlife – flora and fauna, water world in natural conditions; color and black/white digital images.

E. Pain of the planet Earth – landscapes and wildlife-flora and fauna, water world - during/after man-made disasters and other anthropogenic environmental pollution; color and black/white digital images

Video maximum of 4 video per section

Microfilm contest (social videos up to 3 min)

F. Ecology and environment

G. I care (the city and we)

International jury from Russia, Finland, Japan

Competition regulations, rules of participation, awards, partners, etc. official information and on the

Festival and Events

In 2020, the format of the competition is changing fundamentally. It becomes an event in preparation for the International Festival of Eco-photography in Tyumen, which will become a major annual event for both participants and viewers. The festival program includes several virtual exhibitions presented by the Union of Wildlife photographers, face-to-face and virtual lectures, and master classes by famous photographers, both Russian and foreign, and other interesting events.

In 2019, 1079 photographers from 63 countries took part in the competition. Last year's results, the list of winners and the final exhibition on the website

If you have any questions about the 2019 contest, please contact the organizing Committee.

Phone inquiries +7 9044 99 87 55 or

Welcome and Good Luck!